A downloadable game for Windows

A game about...Blocks. Well someone has to go blocking around! 

Made in Gamemaker Studio 1.4

For the GMTK Game Jam July 2017.

Thank you so much for giving this game a spin, do drop whatever feedback you can. Preferably, Criticisms and issues first, everything else later.


Testers - Tachimas, Alfred, RetroSpecter, Nate The Knife

External - Justin, of Pow Studios (Fire Animation Pack - http://powstudios.com/content/fire-animation-pack-1)

Programmer, Sound Guy, Amateur Artist, Director of needing sleep - Max734734

As of 29th July (Version Final), 
Nickbot - For 99% of the new art assets that are adorable as f***.

And all the good folks that played through the game!


Blocks (GMTK Game Jam) (Original Jam Entry) 2 MB
Blocks (GMTK Game Jam) (Post Jam Updated) 2 MB
Blocks (GMTK Game Jam) (Final Ver) 2 MB


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I like the art!